Embodiment as a Necessary A Priori of General Intelligence

David Kremelberg
Icelandic Institute for Intelligent Machines, Reykjavik, Iceland

Abstract. This paper presents the most important neuroscientific findings relevant to embodiment, including findings relating to the importance of embodiment in the development of higher-order cognitive functioning, including language, and discusses these findings in relation to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Research strongly suggests the necessity of embodiment in the individual development of advanced cognition. Generalizing from this body of literature, conclusions focus on the importance of incorporating a physical body in the development of AGI in a meaningful and profound way in order for AGI to be achieved.

Work conducted in the field of neuroscience suggests the presence of a physical body may be necessary for the development of advanced cognitive functions, including language, and it has been argued that embodiment may be necessary for abstract and symbolic thought. Despite this, a focus on robotics, or more specifically, embodiment within AGI remains rare, with theoretical and philosophical discussion pertinent to embodiment and its importance also being uncommon. This paper presents a summary of evidence drawn from neuroscience suggesting the necessity of embodiment in achieving advanced cognitive functioning, along with the importance of real experience, and how embodiment may solve the symbol grounding problem. All of the above produces a number

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