About Dr. David Kremelberg of DK Statistical Consulting

Background and Qualifications

Hello. My name is Dr. David Kremelberg. I am the Principal and Founder of DK Statistical Consulting. Feel free to review my Curriculum Vitae or my corporate resume.

I have worked full-time as a statistical consultant since 2009. In that time I have helped hundreds of clients in over 25 countries and across multiple fields — psychology, sociology, marketing, management, economics, medicine, biology, politics, chemistry, archaeology, and others.

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I have:

  • Gained expertise in the fields of quantitative methods and statistics through a combination of undergraduate and graduate coursework, research positions, research I conducted for myself, and through writing in statistics.
  • Extensive experience with a wide variety of statistical software programs, including SPSS, SAS, Stata, R, HLM, AMOS, and StatTransfer.
  • Written over 200,000 lines of Stata, SPSS, and SAS syntax.
  • Extensive experience creating, developing, merging, modifying, and converting very large data sets. I have worked with data sets containing 10,000,000+ cases and 10,000+ variables.
  • Over ten years of quantitative research experience overall.
  • Taken extensive statistics and quantitative research methods coursework which is listed in my resume and CV.
  • Experience as a statistics tutor.
  • Written a book on statistics which has been published by SAGE publications.

I am extremely confident that DK Statistical Consulting can tackle any statistical problem you may have.
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