Thesis and Dissertation Consulting

We have assisted hundreds of graduate students over the years with their thesis or dissertation.

Writing a thesis or dissertation can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. Typically we assist graduate students with the methods and results portion of their study, but frequently assist in other areas as well.

Our experience and expertise includes assistance with the introduction, literature review, and discussion and conclusion chapters, and we have also assisted with the data analysis components of clients’ studies. We have over ten years of experience working with graduate students and have an excellent track record of positive results when it comes time for clients’ thesis or dissertation defense.

One of our main areas of focus is assisting graduate students with their thesis or dissertation.

Prospective clients that are also working on a graduate degree are commonly pressed for time, and may not have an interest in mastering the field of statistics, which can be very challenging. This is where DK Statistical Consulting, Inc. steps in by assisting with the quantitative (statistical) or qualitative analyses, as well as with your methods and/or results chapter. We also assist many clients with other chapters of their thesis or dissertation.

We can help you with the following:

• Help complete your analysis and methods/results chapter quickly and easily
• Ensure that the results are accurate and that the methods chosen are appropriate and supported by the relevant literature
• We can explain the results to you and coach you for your proposal and final defenses
• Assistance with other chapters of your thesis or dissertation

Why choose DK Statistical Consulting

Dr. David Kremelberg, the founder and owner of DK Statistical Consulting, Inc. spent two years earning a Masters degree at the University of Miami, and three years earning a Ph.D. at the University of Connecticut.

Through his experience writing his thesis and dissertation, passing his proposal and final defenses, and going through endless rounds of revision with his professors, he understands the stressors that all graduate students experience, and can channel his experience to make this as painless a process as possible.

In addition, he has the vast experience of working with over 1,000 clients in his 12 years of experience with DK Statistical Consulting, Inc., with the majority of these clients hailing from academia. He also draws on this experience to provide the most expert and tailored experience for you, as a client.

Our process

We ask prospective clients to first send us, if available, their methods – in particular their research questions and hypotheses – and their dataset. In cases where prospective clients are particularly concerned about confidentiality of their data, we can provide a signed NDA prior to you sending us your materials. We will then review your materials, ask any questions, if needed, and respond with a quote which will include the total estimated hours required as well as the total estimated price.

Once we receive the go-ahead to start, we will send you a contract and NDA through Docusign, a detailed email describing our process, and an invoice covering a deposit amount. A link will also be provided to our new client survey. Once all items have been taken care of, we begin work. Updates are normally sent on a weekly (or more frequent) basis, and once the work is complete, all relevant files will be emailed to you along with all deliverables. We will remain available in case you have any further questions, or if any additional work is required.

Dissertation and Thesis Consulting FAQs

How much does does your dissertation and thesis consulting cost?

We have a minimum fee of $750 for new clients. When completing the analyses for a study along with a results section or chapter, we typically quote $1,800-$2,700. This range includes the majority of cases, while individual cases can easily be above or below this range (more typically below). Note that we have never quoted below $1000 for the completion of a study’s analyses and writing up a formal results section or chapter – it’s simply not possible to complete this in the amount of time this would cover.

How long will it take?

While our turnaround time varies depending on our workload, we typically quote 3-4 weeks total for new clients. For small contracts, quotes of one week or less can be provided, again dependent upon our current workload. For rush jobs, we still quote a minimum turnaround of 48 hours and will not take any work where less than 48 hours are available.

Do you have experience with…?

To read more about our experience, please see:

Our experience is extremely broad, encompassing dozens of academic fields and with a wide variety of statistical tests and models having been used in our work, with the latter ranging from the common to the highly specialized and rarely used. We are confident that we can tackle any problem you may have.

Do you do qualitative analysis?

A large minority of the work we do is qualitative. We frequently complete thematic analysis for clients, and can also utilize other methods of qualitative analysis. We also frequently draft qualitative methods and results sections and chapters.

Can you provide for the recruitment of participants/the collection of data?

Yes, we have worked with a number of clients on participant recruitment and data collection. We have frequently used SurveyMonkey for this purpose, and commonly gone on to complete the analyses as well as the methods and results chapters or sections.

Can I see your work as things progress?

Absolutely, though we only send in-progress materials to clients on request as we have had the experience of clients becoming confused or alarmed, not being clear what they were looking at (e.g., in the case of output files) and then canceling the job. For this reason, we highly recommend that clients wait until the work is complete before requesting files. However, we do normally send the completed analysis to the client before we start writing up the results for the purposes of running through and explaining the results and everything that was done so that any requested changes can be made prior to creating the written draft.

Can you help me prepare for my thesis/dissertation defense?

Absolutely, we commonly receive requests from clients for coaching as the date of their thesis or dissertation defense draws near. This is typically structured as a 1-2 hour phone call in which we review all of the results and answer any questions the client may have. We can also coach the client by bringing up questions they may expect to be asked and discussing how they should answer.